Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Callie Has A Tooth!

After many months of speculating...the tooth has arrived! Sorry no picture...there is not much to see, besides it is next to impossible to get 10 month old to open their mouth when it isn't their idea! For many weeks I've been telling Brandon I thought she was getting a tooth but he said he couldn't see it. Even the Doctor last week didn't see it but it's here now and I finally feel justified in my conjecture about her teeth! (I know, that's pretty silly but I find joy in silly things!) Well, it's great that she has got a tooth but the reality is we now we begin the seemingly endless process of getting tooth after tooth!

Callie is also getting really good at pulling herself up to standing. The first place she did it was at the bottom of the stairs which led to her being able to now crawl up two stairs. She hasn't quite figured out you can't sit back down when you are in the middle of climbing up stairs...which has resulted in a few tumbles!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Sunny St. George Vacation

For Brandon's Spring Break (and to celebrate that he is finished with the Practicum portion of his Master's Degree) we went to St. George, Utah with the Boyle's and Butler's (co-workers of Brandon at Provo Seminary). We enjoyed Snow Canyon, swimming at our beautiful condo, the St. George Temple, Brigham Young's House, and Zion's National Park. Enjoy our cool photo story!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Callie is Crawling..for Real!

All week Callie has been trying to crawl...she would get on her hands a knees and move a little, then would sit down, then try again and then sit again. I'm so proud of her, she's been learning so much lately! Just last week she learned how to get from laying on her belly to sitting position. Although, now I'm beginning to see the benefits of not having your child crawl! We didn't need a baby gate for the top of our stairs with Taylor but I think I now need to invest in one. Hopefully there will be some garage sales starting up soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nana, Papa and Logan come to visit us in Utah!

The Mayan Adventure Restaurant
Brandon's parents came from Colorado for a short weekend visit with our nephew, Logan. We had a really great time. We did a lot of things in the short 2 and half day visit (make sure to scroll down through all the last 4 posts to see the whole visit.)The last thing we did was go to the Mayan Adventure in Sandy. For you Coloradoans reading this, it's like Casa Bonita in Denver, but way better! The ambiance of the restaurant was like being in the Mayan jungle, complete with foliage, animals, native music, and of course Mayan cliff divers (I'm not so sure that's a true Mayan activity, but it was pretty dang entertaining!)

The other fantastic thing about the place was the food was actually really great, a big difference from Casa Bonita. I think we all stuffed ourselves because it was so delicious!
This picture is for you Logan! He was pretty enamored with this Mayan lady, all the way home he stared at her picture in Nana's camera! As you can tell though, Taylor and Logan were afraid to actually get close to her. If you look closely at the picture the Lady looks pretty annoyed that we stopped her to take a picture! Life must be hard when you have a huge leopard on your headdress!

Here, Logan and Taylor are watching the diving show. As you can tell they were very interested!

This is part of the diving show, it's kind of hard to see because of the "mood lighting"!


What cute Little bowlers!

"Is this my bowling ball?"

Here is Papa helping Logan bowl but after a few rounds, Logan could do the whole thing all by himself! It was pretty funny seeing him waddle to the lane with his big bowling ball!

Taylor tried holding her own ball like her cousin but she just about lost it on her foot (it's understandable when the ball weighs about as much as she does!) She only liked using the bowling stand a few times, then she wanted to bowl like her parents. We still had to help her get enough momentum for the ball to make it to the pins. I did let her try it alone once and the ball stopped right in the middle of the lane! After 3 tries, Brandon hit the ball off the lane into the next lane over(not really his intent!)

Taylor and Logan had a great time, in fact their score was better than mine! Taylor beat me by 20 and Logan beat me by 7! Pretty pathetic when a 2 and 3 year old can beat you in bowling! I guess I won't quit my day job!

Taylor and Logan flying kites

Unfortunately the weather was not very nice when Logan, Nana and Papa came. Although, it was good weather for one thing, flying kites! The kids had a great time except Logan kept hoping a train would come by, which we had promised him would come. Even though it seems like trains are always going by our house, when you expect them to come they don't! We never got to see one at the park... but Nana and Papa took the kids on a drive and finally found a train for Logan to see!

This is Logan's big ouchie he got when he fell on the sidewalk 20 minutes after they arrived at our house on Thursday!

Callie Walking....sort of!

Starting on Friday Callie has really wanted to stand on her own. We can put her up to the couch, table or whatever, and she holds on for dear life! So I thought I'd try the walker with her and she did really great, so I decided to try and record the event. What, you don't see is when she hurts her lip because I'm busy trying to record and not catch her when she falls... I guess I won't win the Mother of the year award this year!

Here callie is having great time "driving" all by herself!

Jumping Jacks

On Friday we went to Jumping Jacks, a place with blown up castles and slides, with Nana, Papa, and Logan. We had a really great time and the kids took great naps that afternoon!

Here Papa is holding up the dragon's teeth, because Logan doesn't want the dragon eat him!