Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bear Lake Weekend

Thanks to some wonderful friends, we got to spend the long weekend up at a beautiful home that overlooks Bear Lake. Unfortunately, Sunday was the only day that we could really see the lake because there was so much fog on the other days.
The house was 3 floors and on the bottom level there was a huge playroom as seen below. The kids loved jumping on the trampoline the most.

On Saturday we drove up the hill above Bear Lake, where there was no fog, and went sledding. The girls had a great time. Brandon and Tina's favorite part was riding the snowmobile we rented.

In the afternoon, all the kids went home with the mom's and the dads got to play on the snowmobile. As you can see below they had lots of fun sledding too! Brandon counted out the feet from where the sled became airborne and when it was 32feet!! Luckily no one was seriously injured!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bones Made of Rubber

I took Callie and Taylor sledding in Mapleton (next to the cemetary) while Tina was at an over-nighter with the YW. The hills were great for little kids. A friend of mine found us there and let us borrow his tube for a few rides, so I decided to film one of Taylor's jumps. My favorite part of her fall (now that she is 100% ok) is how quick she says "I'm alright." If I would have fallen like that I would still be on the ground right now yelling at Taylor to go get her mother!
*Sorry, the video camera was sideways when I was videoing...annoying I know.

The final video shows Taylor and I getting some air on a bigger kid run. I feel like I am getting so old because my bum is still very sore!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008

Taylor told us that she wasn't going to be afraid of Santa this year...and she did great! She did look a little nervous but she even told him what she wanted for Christmas, much better then the screaming fiasco we had last year!

So, Callie wasn't stoked about Santa but at least she wasn't screaming!

Before we left for Colorado, we decided to have our own Christmas at home. It was fun but I think Taylor is going to expect 2 Christmases next year!

We spent Christmas Eve at Tina's parents house and in keeping with tradition, acted out the nativity. Brandon was put in charge of scripting the story. Taylor was really excited to be Mary this year and took her role very seriously!

Callie was supposed to be a sheep but preferred to play with this sheer robe the whole time!

Everyone was throwing arrows (straws) and stones (crumpled up pieces of paper) at Samuel the Lamanite. The kids loved it!
It was kind of chaotic but fun none the less!

When the 3 wise men came to visit...

We drove down to Colorado Springs late on Christmas Eve so we could be at Brandon's Parents house for the morning. Nana made matching outfits for all her Grandkids... aren't they cute?!

Taylor and Abbie loved playing girlie stuff together!

Colorado Vacation

We spent two weeks in Colorado over Christmas break and we had so much fun! Luckliy we had really nice weather most of the time (except for when we got stuck in Wyoming on the drive over! Ughhh....I can't imagine living in Rawlins, WY!) When we were in Colorado Springs with Brandon's family we went on a couple of hikes and enjoyed the nice weather. I can't belive the grandkids are acutally smiling in this picture!

Taylor and her Cousin Logan cheesing for the camera

Callie is quite an independant hiker....she wants to do it all by herself, including blazing her own trails!

One of the days in C Spings we went to a place called Little Biggs. It had a little town for the kids to play in. Taylor loved playing in the hospital as the doctor!

Callie loved driving this fire truck and going down the slide.

Here the girls are in Nana and Papa's backyard riding there ticycles down the hill....Callie only fell once!

Playing in the sandbox at Nana and Papas

Playing in the tree house that Papa built for Logan.

Hanging out with B's brother Matt and his wife Cathy....isn't it a great picture!