Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coppelia Ballet

This year Taylor's ballet performance was Coppelia (a short synopsis of the plot of this ballet can be found here). She was apart of the worker group...and very cute! She is excited that she gets to move up to Ballet2/Jazz in the fall.
Callie loves coming to the rehearsals....and now wants to do ballet again...we'll see :)

Our big, sorta happy family!
                                                          Love my pretty ballerina :)

Beckett's 3rd Birthday

On the Sunday before Beckett's Birthday we had a huge family shindig to celebrate Mothers Day, Nana's , Danie's, Brandon's and Beckett's Birthday. Beckett was very specific that he wanted a spider man cake. I made the cake and Brandon did the decorating...which he did a great job! Beckett just had a cute grin on his face the whole time was watching Brandon work.

 On Beckett's actual Birthday, Brandon took him to work with him in the morning. He was so excited to get up early with Dad and made sure to wear his church shoes...just like dad :) Brandon said Beckett quickly won over the hearts of all those teenagers in his class. He picked the opening song...Popcorn Popping on the appricot tree....then he pretended to read his scriptures like the big kids...what a cutie. He really wanted to stay but I had to pick him up after that so Dad could get some work done.
 Since Taylor had a ballet rehearsal that night we picked her up from school, and headed straight to Chucky Cheese to celebrate Beckett's birthday. Hadley was having a good time climbing up onto all the games.

 Hanging with Chucky Cheese...he is still kinda scary for Callie and Hadley didn't want anything to do with him.

 Callie has a huge windup routine before each ball is thrown in skeeball. Pretty funny to watch.
 We sang happy birthday and ate our monster eyeball treats (powdered sugar doughnuts with gummie lifesavers and mini M&M's) which Beckett and Callie helped me make.
 Beckett loved opening his presents...especially his batman guys and batcave.
 Playing with the new toys at home while we waited for Taylor to get home from  ballet rehearsal....which she didn't get home from until 9:45!!!

Happy Birthday baby boy( I mean big boy)....oh how we love you!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Puppet Show

 Beckett and Callie got to participate in Nana's Puppet show again this year. That really did a great job and it was super cute! Some of the songs included: Little Bunny Foo Foo (Callie was one of the good fairies), Going on a Bear Hunt, The Wheels on Papa John's School Bus, Mary Had a little Lamb (Beckett was one of the lambs), Do your Ears Hang Low, and lots of others. Thank you Nana for putting this together :)

 Beckett was always cheesing for the camera and appeared very proud of him self. Callie came out of shell and sang all her parts.Good job guys!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Brandon is 32!!!

For Brandon's Birthday, we have always had the tradition of going to a baseball game. So this year was no exception! We went up to Denver for a BBQ with some S&I friends and had a great time. We then sent our kiddos home with the Woodruffs (thanks again!) and headed up to the 16th street mall with our friends the Webbs. Traffic was crazy because of the Cinco de Mayo celebration but we made it and enjoyed jamba juice and window shopping. We went to the Cheese Cake Factory for a quick dinner before we headed to the game. Lucky for us we saw Andre Miller, a member of the Denver Nuggets Ryan snuck a few photos and Brandon waved to him....oh we are sooo cool! Good times...

At the game the weather was really nice and we had pretty decent seats so we could actually see the players...specifically Tulo and Chipper. In the 8th inning it started pouring/hailing. They called a rain delay so we decided to head home. Which meant running through the rain to get to the car...which was about 10 minutes away...needless to say we all got pretty wet!

The next day was Brandon's actual birthday, which was a typically busy Sunday. So after we got home from church at 4:15 we had dinner  and brownies and opened Brandon's presents. The kids particularly liked the box which his motorcycle saddlebags came in :)

Happy Birthday Brandon! We love you so much!