Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Fun!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers a "Boo at the Zoo" experience that we took advantage of. It was a little pricey (even as members), but it was well worth it. The kids put on for their first time costumes that their Nana made for them. Taylor was Dorothy, Callie was the Good Witch, Beckett was the Lion. There was so many people in costumes, the kids just loved it. We didn't get to see many animals (other than a freakish deer that jumped out of the woods and scared everybody), but it was still a blast.

We have a beautiful, big tree in our front yard that has left plenty of leaves for Brandon to rake and the kids to play in!

For our pumpkin adventure this year, we went to a place in Black Forrest that had lots of fun activities: huge slides, petting zoo, pumpkin bowling, hay maze, fenced maze, tractor rides, and hay bail climbing. We also got to pick out some pumpkins that we will carve later.
We love October!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Trials, Tears, Faith, & Hope

The last few weeks have been hard, but with faith in the Atonement of Christ, we have made it through thus far and push forward to the upcoming weeks and months. It started with joy as we found out we were expecting our 4th child, but upon the first doctor's visit, they found a growth on Tina's thyroid. After two weeks of testing, it was concluded that she has folicular neoplasm (a form of cancer that is very curable). She will have a procedure done this coming Thursday where they will remove her thyroid (right below the Adam's apple) and the growths (three to be exact). At first the news was hard, but through combined prayers of us and many wonderful people, we feel confident that all will be well.

Tina's surgery was supposed to be last week, but the weekend before (October 2nd), we received a phone call from Brandon's mom letting us know that Kyle Wallace, Brandon's adopted little brother took his own life. He was 20 years old and had the biggest heart you could ever find. The funeral replaced Tina's surgery and thus her surgery will be this week. It was definitely a hard week and it will continue to be hard knowing a loved one is no longer with us in the flesh. Below is a picture of Kyle that was taken in 2005 when he came out to visit us in Utah when Taylor was born.

At the funeral, Brandon was asked to read a poem that he wrote in behalf of Kyle. The poem is below. We love Kyle and we know that in the Spirit World he is receiving love from those of his family and those that knew and loved him. He will be missed, but what joy enters our heart to know we will be reunited again in the afterworld where there will be no more pain and tears. Our faith and hope will carry us through as we know that we are not alone; but rather, Christ's atoning sacrifice in the Garden of Gethsemane and later on the cross was for moments such as these. We love you Kyle.

A Heart As Yours

Life is what it is.
It can hurt.
It can bless.
It can leave bruises.
It can create smiles.
But what it can’t offer,
Is a heart as yours.

A heart as yours,
Is one that is unconditional;
One that brings warmth to cold days;
One that listens regardless of the time;
One that feels pain for others;
One that rejoices with good news;
One that never stops giving;
One such as a heart as yours.

Each person in life offers gifts.
Some it is the gift of energy;
Others it is the gift of knowledge;
Or even the gift of talents.
But with you it was easy to see,
Yours was a gift of compassion.
Each gift is desired by others,
And it is no different for us,
We desire a heart as yours.

Thank you Kyle for being you,
And blessing us with a heart as yours.