Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Utah Fun....

On Thursday we went to the Veteran's pool in Provo with the Palis. We love his pool because they have big slides that they let you take the kids down on your lap (no other pools let you do that!). We were having so much fun that we totally lost track of time and stayed an hour later than we planned to!
We then headed to the Spanish Fork carnival and Callie was a little tired....we woke her up to get out of the car but then she just went right back to bed on the shady grass!
We met up with our dear friends, the Oylers and fun on the kiddie rides.
Taylor and Kelsee were loving being back together's like they had never been apart for the last year.
Beckett had a grin on his face almost the whole time he rode this mini roller coaster.

Saying goodbye was sad...we miss our Utah friends and hope we always stay in touch!

Scott and Lori were so awesome to let us stay with them for a few nights.... Lori even stayed up late on night and cut my hair for me. I sure miss them!

Utah Trip part 2, The Childrens Museum

While Brandon was teaching during the day at EFY, I had to come up with things for the kids and I to do. On Tuesday, we spent a lovely day with my dear friend Marnie who lives in Lehi. We mostly just hung out and got to talk, while the kiddos played (like the good ole days.) On Wednesday, I took the kids to downtown Salt Lake to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. I had never been there and didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be well worth the money spent. We played for 3 hours straight and only one kid cried the whole time...a sign of a really good time :)
Above, Taylor is reading which notes to play for "Mary Had a Little Lamb" Below they are moving faux construction blocks with a little crane...Beckett an Callie loved this area.

Hadley didn't get in on the hands on fun but she was still a very good baby that day.

The kids loved flying the helicopter, even though their was at least five kids crammed into the cockpit at any given time.
After the museum the kids played in the Olympic Splash felt great on that nice hot day.

Trip to Utah, part 1

When Brandon got asked to do an EFY at U of U last minute...we jumped on board and made a family vacation out of it. We left on a Sunday after church and stopped at a somewhat shady motel in Grand Junction....but we had a blast swimming in the outdoor pool and hot tub.

When we got to Utah, we met up with many wonderful friends from Springville and Spanish Fork. After a BBQ with some friends, we headed up to Salt Lake, where we stayed at the Guest House on campus. It was pretty nice accommodations, even though we only had one King size bed! We slept all three of the big kids on a pull out sofa. Needless to say, it was difficult to get the kids to sleep both nights! One of the nights we went to eat at The Mayan....lots of fun.Playing on the giant snakes outside the restaurant
Watching the amazing diving show

A visit from Allison....

Allison came down from my Moms and stayed for a few days of her vacation while Brandon was at an EFY. The kids had lots of fun playing together, especially Evelyn and Taylor. Sisters had lots of fun staying up too late talking :) One morning we went to graffiti falls....great fun for all!