Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Visit to Berthoud

We spent a few days in June up in Berthoud. We were able to see most of my side of the family which is pretty amazing considering the number of people that is! We had a great time but I didn't take lots of pictures :( We all went with Allison and her kids and Grandma to a heritage farm where the kids were able to see what a farm was like 100 years ago. Below they are driving a modern day tractor simulator.
We then got to see how much horsepower we have...

Taylor pretending to milk the metal cow
Beckett loved this big tractor...especially since he could get away from the mean chickens that were chasing us everywhere!
We went to a really fun park in Loveland with Allison and her kids

A bunch my family all met up at the White Fence Farm for a huge dinner.....my camera battery died so not too many pictures :( But here we are feeding the animals at the farm.

Monday, July 25, 2011

4th of July

We all decided to go to the Monument parade this year. We took the shuttle from Lewis Palmer High school. The kids thought it was fun riding the school bus. Although next year I think we decided against the shuttle as it took a long time to get back to our cars after the parade.

We Tie-Dyed the kids shirts with Kool aid...sorta worked :)
Having a elephant in the parade was pretty fun.
I luckily found a little spot with shade for me an Hadley to hang out and watch the parade

After getting super hot at the parade, we headed to Matt and Cathy's to cool off in their pool. We BBQ'ed and just let the kids play all afternoon.

At about 7 we headed up to Palmer Lake to watch the fireworks. The shoot them over the lake so we just laid out some blankets at the park to watch the fireworks. It was really a beautiful place to be. Beckett and all the other grand kids had a blast wrestling with papa.

Hadley's first fireworks and she slept through it!

La Veda....Gator farm

After the sand dunes we went to the gator farm and had a great time seeing tons of alligators (and we got to hold a few as well), snakes, various other reptiles, fish, ostriches, and bunnies.

La Veda trip Part 2

We drove out to Sand Dunes National Park....it was a very hot day and sorta fun but I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon. Hadley was crying almost the whole time. Callie got sand in her eyes (making her miserable) and all the kids were totally covered in it. The kids did have fun going down the dunes on the sled and getting buried in the sand.

On one of the nights we went to the lake by La Veda and BBQ'ed and fished. We made some peach cobbler in the dutch over and it turned out perfect, not to mention delicious :)

We had fun just hanging out at the house eating good food and playing lots of games.