Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthdays and Bunnies

Taylor has been bugging us for months, asking us if she can have a bunny. Of course I was dead set against it at first (We already have 2 dogs, 3 fish and 2 pillow pets :) but we slowly changed our minds. So we surprised Taylor on her birthday with two bunnies and a bunny cage that Brandon made. This is Fancy, when we let her out of the cage she likes to run run right back in!
This is Freckles, when we let her out she likes to hide under the play house so we can't get her!

Can you tell Beckett is a little disappointed he doesn't get any presents :)
On Callie's Birthday she got her very own camera, which she loves!
Chasing bunnies is our new family pastime!

Taylor and Callie's Family Birthday

Matt and Cathy let us have the girls birthday party at their house so the kids could play in their pool. It wasn't the warmest of summer days and the water was pretty could but the kids we brave and had a great time!

The girls got pillow pets from Matt and Cathy and they were a huge hit!

Sky Sox Game

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hadley's Blessing

On June 5th, Hadley was given a blessing by her father, in our ward. She was blessed with many wonderful things including the knowledge that she is a daughter of God. It was a lovely blessing even if Hadley was crying almost the whole time :) Our beautiful Hadley Anne wore the blessing dress that her Nana made. It is the same one her sisters wore when they were blessed.

We were thrilled to have so much of our family present for the blessing.


Brandon and his sister Missy took the kids camping up by Monument lake last Friday...they had a great time!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Helen Hunt Falls

We decided to do some hiking last weekend...we went to Helen Hunt Falls. It's a short hike but is strait up. Needless to say it took our family of six a while to get to the top ;)

When we got back down from the top of the falls we played in the river....lots of fun! It was a lovely day.

Love My Baby Girl!

It's been really great being here in Colorado....especially when Grandma can come and help when Brandon is out of town!