Monday, June 30, 2008

The Birthday Party

We had a water party for the girls on the 21st. We borrowed a huge blow-up slide from the Hadlocks (thanks again!) and had two swimming pools. It was fun and we ended up with 12 kids who came.

After all the water fun we had pizza and cupcakes, yum yum!

Callie and Taylor both loved their Cinderella blue cupcakes!

After a while, Brandon couldn't take the heat anymore and decided to try out the slide. Taylor loved opening her presents, again!

That evening we took Taylor to get her ears pierced. She has been excited about getting them done for about 3 months. When Brandon was telling her that it would probably hurt she said, "I'll be okay Daddy." In the picture below her cousin Logan was comforting Taylor and telling her she would be alright. It was pretty dang cute!

Taylor was so brave she didn't cry or even wince when they did it. She just had a huge smile on her face after it was done. She told her dad, "I was okay Daddy, it didn't hurt."

Taylor and Callie's Birthday Celebrations!

On Taylor's actual birthday we went to some friends of ours in the ward who have horses. Taylor loved riding the horse by herself! She wasn't scared at all.

Brandon took Taylor on a long horse ride and she loved every bit of her daddy-daughter time!

Here Callie got a chance at riding a horse, Brandon said she kept giggling the whole time.

Brandon's Mom, sister and her kids all came to visit on Wednesday. We had a little birthday party for the girls on Friday. They really loved all the presents they got.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Father's Day Activities

I must say I've been a total slacker in the blogging area....hence all the catch up posts we've been doing. Honestly it has been a whirlwind of a month with lots of family visiting (including a bout with the stomach flu). In the middle of it all I found out that the 11 week-along baby I was pregnant with had died. It's taking time to get back to "normal" so forgive me if the blogging suffers a bit.

My niece Kate (you all know her as Katherine!) came to stay for the weekend before she went to EFY for the first time. We loved having her! On father's day we went up to the duck pond here in town to feed the ducks all the many left over rolls from the family reunion. There are some really beautiful places to get pictures so we brought the camera along.

This is a rare thing to see Callie smiling for the camera...too bad there is a big leaf in front of her!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Art City Days--June 13-14th, 2008

Art City Day's is Springville City's celebration for the summer. It has many activities, but we usually stick to the carnival, parade, and firework show (oh yeah, and Brandon wears out his body at the 3 on 3 basketball tournament--go Brandon!).

This was Callie's first carousel ride and she just loved it. Taylor loves every ride but the one that resembles a roller-coaster...that she just starred at and immediately said "no." We love the carnival but fear the carnies..."oh please, don't touch my daughter...I will put her in the her seat thank you!" I'm sorry, I know I need to be more loving so please forgive me...I am trying to be better...I'll try harder next year.

The parade was so much fun! Taylor just loved all the horses and "Princesses" that came right in front of her. She even saw Snow White...that was nice, but from that moment on she kept asking, "Where's Cinderella? Where's Ariel? Where's Sleeping Beauty?"

The firework show was spectacular. Kate (Tina's neice from AZ) came with us as we played and played on Springville High's nice grassy area just waiting for the fireworks at 10pm. Once they started, Callie just made funny little "oooohhh's and awwwhhh's." It was a late night, but well worth it.

Hunt (Tina) Family Reunion--June 6-7, 2008

Even though Tina is the only child of her parents living in Utah, she decided to put together (with the help of her sister Allison) a family reunion here. She felt that since half lived in Colorado and the other half (for the most part) lived in California, we are the central location. Actually, there are still some in Hawaii, AZ, and Mississippi, but hey, we planned it thus we get to declare the location!

Tina's grandparents live in North Ogden and were able to come down too. It was great for them to see their great-great grandchildren...some for the first time!

Here is Taylor with one of her many cousins, Evelyn. They are pretty close in age and just loved to play "girlie" things together!