Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The First Snow

Last year we had a really lame winter here in the Springs. We only had about two snow storms all year. So, i've been hoping that we have a better winter this year and we are already off to a good start. Last weekend the forecaster called for some rain but we ended up getting a good little snow storm...which was perfect for making snowmen. Thank goodness dad was home to help build it...I was cutting up a bunch of apples we picked from Missy's tree to make applesauce and it took all morning (sometimes being domestic isn't all it cracked up to be :)

The sun came out that afternoon and almost all the snow melted....perfect!

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Every fall since Taylor was just a baby we have always gone to a some sort of fall farm festival. In Utah it was Hee Haw Farms with old Leroy the it's a farm out in Black Forest that we've been to the past two years. It's always a great time and gets me into the fall spirit, if there is such a thing :)

We got free pumpkins because we came with a friends preschool group. Love it!
All the kids had a great time in the corn box...even Hadley who was practicing her newly acquired skill of sitting up. We kept the gloves on so she couldn't pick up the corn and choke on it.
The kids had a blast going down the big slides on burlap sacks.

Snuggling with Hadley on the hay ride.
The Brandon and kids were loving using the big sling shot to fling gourds out into the field.

I'd say that half of the whole time we were at the farm Beckett spent with the animals at the petting zoo...he absolutely loved petting every single one.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall is here

On Sunday after conference we drove up rampart range road to look at the beautiful fall colors. We wanted to walk around and get some pictures but it ended up being pretty chilly so we didn't do much exploring. Luckily we found a nice pull off the road and got some cute pictures of the kiddos.

On Saturday of conference we sent the kids out to play at the end of the first session....they started their own baseball game.

Watching, coloring, "bingo"ing, snacking...
Earlier in the week Taylor had a skate party at her school so we made it a family affair. Everyone had a great time. The girls have already decided that they are going to have roller skating Birthday parties next year....we'll see :)

Sundays can be exhausting.....

The first loose tooth

Taylor has been very excited to have a loose tooth since kindergarten....many of her school mates had lost multiple teeth by the end of the year. She was disappointed, especially when her cousin Logan, who is only 6 month older than her, had 2 loose teeth.

Well, the 2nd week of school Taylor came running home from the bus with a big smile on her face....she had a loose tooth! So it was wiggling time...I have to admit I wanted to wiggle that tooth right out of her mouth for her! I don't know why it bugged me so....but it went on for weeks and finally Brandon convinced Taylor to let him push some floss under the tooth. We were so surprised when that thing shot straight up in the air...we found the tooth 5 feet away! Taylor was excited and Brandon was about to pass out. He gets that way with things like this....silly boy.

The tooth fairy brought Taylor $2.00 for her first tooth , a little steep if you ask me. (But when her cousin gets 2 bucks for his tooth a week prior, there wasn't much of the choice :) The tooth fairy even left a note for her...which mentions not to expect so much money next time....hehehe!

Baby Trystan

On September 1st, Matt and Cathy welcomed their sweet baby boy Trystan Andrew Goss into their family. We were so thrilled for the safe arrival of this adorable baby boy. Cathy was induced 3 weeks early so he was on the small side at 6lbs 1oz.

I love newborn there anything sweeter?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Father Sons Campout

Brandon was very excited about the father/son campout this year because it was the first year he could actually go with his son and campout! He has gone to many of them before, but either went with someone else's son or just went and came home early. Now that Beckett is two years old, he felt he could do the whole thing. The campout was at the B-52 campground on the Air Force Academy so they stopped before entering the campground at the huge B-52 bomber.

At the campground, they set up camp with the other men and sons from the ward and began playing games. They played lots of baseball as well as some football. Beckett enjoyed some time playing with the other boys, but because they were bigger, older, and faster, he stuck with his daddy most of the time. At night, they enjoyed a nice dinner and devotional (which Brandon put on for the ward) as well as lots of "goodies."

Once bedtime came, Beckett was the one who volunteered them to go to bed. Brandon said that as soon as he laid him down, he fell asleep. At first it seemed like it was going to be a good night, but as it got a little colder, Beckett woke up at 3am and never really went back to bed. By 6:30am, Brandon had had enough and they packed up their tent and stuff and came home. They were both exhausted and fell back asleep at home for a few hours. Go boys!

Balloon Glow

They even let the kids get in the basket of one of the balloon but Callie wasn't interested.

We went to the Balloon with Brandon's parents this year. It was pretty windy when we showed up so only a few balloon actually participated but it was fun anyways.

Random Fun

I found Beckett one morning getting ready for school...just like Taylor. It was pretty cute...he even had her lunch box and her pink sparkly shoes :)
So Hadley has been rolling over since she was 4 months old but recently she has been going crazy. I put her down in the living room and a minute later she has rolled into the kitchen!

One Sunday afternoon Beckett felt compelled to water the garden in the nude.
Um explanation needed!

Zoo Trip

Went to the Zoo with our friends the Webbs and some of the family....good time for all...

Papa is crazy...letting the giraffe lick some lettuce off his chin!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Taylor's first day of 1st Grade

Taylor was so excited to start first grade and be at school all day long. I have to admit it has been nice to have one less kid at home during the day but I do miss her.

She is loving her teachers, Mrs. Seremet and Mrs. Pitmon. They team teach by splitting the week in half. Mrs. Seremet had her baby the 3rd week of school so it has been Mrs. Pitmon full time until Mrs Seremet comes back from maternity leave.

I have been volunteering in Taylor's class once a week and it has been fun to see how Taylor interacts with others at school. She has recently made friends with Miles, who she sits with at lunch. One day I found on her pillow a rock she decorated with Miles' name and a drawn face on it. It had little hearts drawn all over it as well....hmm. She assures me they are just friends :)