Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nana's Easter Party

All the kids got to go to Nana's daycare Easter Party this year. The kids had a great time dying eggs, making crafts and doing a big Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

I think Beckett was seeing how the dye tasted....

Nana and Papa have the best yard for Easter egg hunts!

Hadley's First Bath

When Hadley was 9 days old her umbilical stump fell off so she got to have her first bath...she didn't love it but she put up with it! Although she might have enjoyed it more if we didn't have so many little helpers trying to "help"!

Finally some pictures with her eyes wide open! She seems like she is already smiling. When she is awake she often has a very pleasant look on her face.

Hanging out in the office watching Spring Wipeout episodes while Dad is gone :) The kids love that show!

Hadley's first night at home....

Hadley started out in the cradle but ended up in bed with mom and dad....doesn't she look so content!

Waiting to go Home

We were all ready to go home from the Hospital on Sunday morning but due to a mix up our pediatrician didn't show until the afternoon, and we couldn't leave until she saw Hadley...a little frustrating! Finally we they checked us out we got Hadley bundled up because it was cold and raining outside.

Getting her dressed to go home....

The kids waiting for us to say "Lets go home!"

These two look like trouble!

So precious!

Hadley is looking to see what's outside her bassinet :)

Lots of Visitors for Hadley

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hadley Anne Goss

Our sweet little girl, Hadley Anne, came into our famliy on April 1st, 2011. She is as beautiful as can be and we are just delighted to have her.

Her due date was April 5th, but after Tina's doctors appointment on March 31st, the doctor suggested being induced before the weekend hit. After only a few minutes of thinking, Tina said yes for the first time in 4 pregnancies! We were not able to get a set appointment but were set on "stand-by." We woke up Friday morning all ready to go and when we called at 7:30am to see if we could come in, the nurse said, "Oh no, we are very busy today. Hopefully we can get you in later this afternoon." Very frustrating. Our hope at this point was to now just go "natural" since Tina had been contracting fairly continusouly since the night before. We went about our day as normal as can be by going to the park, Target, etc. Brandon called the hospital around noon to see what the status report was and they said they hoped to get us in before 1pm. About 1pm though, they called and said they just had a boom of pregnant moms come in so they hoped to get us in later. Around 3pm, they finally called and said we could come in!

We checked in and when they finally checked Tina (after an hour of being on pitocin), she was at a 6 so they broke her water. At 6pm, they brought in a big exercise ball to put between her legs and make sure she was really ready. About 15 minutes later, they came in and she was ready!

Her epidural worked pretty good, but when it came time for pushing, she seemed to feel everything. Even had some nice screams in there!

At 6:34, Hadley Anne was born with beautiful, long, black hair. She weighed 8.1lbs and was 21 inches long. She scored a 9 on the Apgar Scale, so she literally is just about perfect! She did cry for the first hour of her life, but after that, she is quite the sleeper and eater.

How grateful we are for this beautiful little girl.

One of our traditions is to have presents ready from the newest child to the previous children. Beckett was pretty excited about his new golf set as the girls were esctatic for their movie "Tangled" as well as a fun velcro game for outside.

Wow, we still can't believe we are a family of 6 now!

Beckett was just adorable with Hadley. Immediately he wanted to hold her and just cuddle with her. He constantly pointed out that she was "naked" and wanted to make sure she was happy.

Callie was very excited this time for the new baby. With Beckett, she wasn't quite sure if she wanted somebody to take attention from her.

We could have not asked for a better "2nd mom" as Taylor likes to be referred to! She just loves her little sister and gave quite the yell when she found out our baby was a little girl! Taylor is amazing with Hadley, as she was with Callie and Beckett.