Friday, March 26, 2010

Family Visit

Nana, Papa, Logan and Abbie came for a visit and we had an awesome time....but we didn't do so good a taking pictures :( Oh, well! here is what we did take! In the Easter outfits Nana made...Taylor would wear hers everyday if I'd let her.... they are BEAUTIFUL!
Love my BABY BOY to pieces!

We went bowling with the kids, and when Callie didn't want to do it anymore, Beckett got to take her turn! He enjoyed it as with anything that involves a ball. He is already pure boy!

Our cutie niece, Abbie really liked bowling. For some reason we don't have a picture of our nephew Logan bowling, but he had fun too. He was the only one that hadn't lost interest by the 10th frame. I think he was a little disappointed her didn't win. Taylor won with a 100...not too bad!

Happy Saint Patricks Day

We really don't do much to celebrate this holiday but we all wore green and died our pancakes and eggs....the kids enjoyed it! Although we still had to make snowman pancakes...since that is tradition!

My Cute, sometimes Mischievous, Beckett

Beckett's favorite hangout....looking out in the backyard. The window is the perfect size for him to look out cute!

One of Beckett's favorite activities is pulling things out of the pantry. When I first saw him he had a big chip hanging out of his mouth....missed the picture though. He was thoroughly proud of himself!

The same day as the chip incident he discovered the joys of pulling out toilet paper!

Some pictures from when we cut Beckett's hair...he was so well behaved!

Pinewood Derby

The Elders Quorum put on a pinewood derby this year....Brandon's car looked pretty cool and he had a great time making it but only finished in the middle of the pack....maybe next year!
Lane 5 in Brandon's car

Picture Frames

I think we made these frames around october but we keep fogetting to post the pictures....

Above frame is 3' x 4' cherry frame, stained dark, with vinyl lettering provided by the wonderful Amy Rasmussen.
Below: 20" x 30" picture framed in Alder stained dark
11"x17" picture framed in Cherry, clear stain.

Can't remember the size....big though! Frame made from Alder stained dark.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Plaster handprints

So.....he's 10 month old and we finally did the plaster handprint. I think we did Taylor at 6 weeks, Callie at 4 months....3rd child neglect!

Beckett's 1st Hair Cut...

Who knew Carrots and Ranch could also....

be used for painting your nails!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brandon's new creation with wood

Brandon was asked by a friend to make him and his wife some tables for the sides of their beds. They didn't want normal ones, but rather they wanted ones that were "mini-bookshelves." When Brandon went over there to measure them out, he noticed that their head and foot board were dark leather with light stitching. He asked if they wanted the tables to match them and they said, "sure, if you can really do that with wood." Well, Brandon didn't know if he could, but he was willing to try! The following video's is his personal "Yankee Work Shop." We made it into little segments so we could put it on "YouTube" as a "how to" segment. I am very impressed. Enjoy!