Sunday, March 18, 2012

3.5 weeks in...

So I guess I haven't been so good at the updates but there hasn't been much more to report to other then being tired and fatigued...tired and fatigued...blah, blah, blah. This weekend, I'm definitely feeling worse but not as bad as a thought I would at this point (being off my meds for 3.5 weeks). On Wednesday I started my low-iodine-diet (LID) and it has been going pretty good. All thanks to my wonderful mom who has been cooking up a "low-iodine storm" on my behalf. I really miss cheese and good salty tortilla chips. Fortunately I found some unsalted tortilla chips (ingredients : corn, oil and hint of lime) at Whole Foods yesterday that go great with the fresh salsa my mom made for me :)

On Thursday, I had my labs done. On Friday, after calling my endocrinologist a few times, I convinced the medical assistant to give me my results over the phone (the Dr still hadn't looked at them yet...I hear about every time I call their office for results). A normal range for your TSH level is 0.4-4.5. My TSH  before my withdrawal from my Thyroid medication was at 0.01 (hyperthyroid....still haven't got my levels right since my surgery 1.5 years ago!) I really didn't expect my TSH levels to be where they needed to for my RAI treatment since they told me it usually takes 4-6 weeks to get to the right level. So I was pretty surprised when they told  my TSH level was 118! I'm definitely in a hypothyroid state now. Unfortunately, I only started my LID on Wednesday and I'm supposed to be on the diet for 10 days before I can do the radiation. So they scheduled my RAI for next Friday and I'm just glad the end is in sight. In less then 2 weeks I can start back on my meds and start going uphill instead of downhill! Oh yes...and start to eat whatever I want :)

My Mom took the 3 older kids up to her house on Saturday morning to spend the night and play with cousins. Sounds like they have been having fun and had a great time at my niece Addisen's birthday party yesterday. I have to admit it has been nice to have a little more quiet since I haven't been feeling great this weekend. Thanks have already made this whole process so much easier! Love you! Oh and many thanks to great friends and ward members helping with the kids and bringing us wonderful meals.

5 days and counting until I gain my super powers............ :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Soccer Buddies

Callie goes to Soccer buddies every week and loves it. It's a fun 50min class where they play games and do activities that work on soccer skills. Next week she will be starting in the older class which has more scrimaging involved...I hope she likes that too!
This is probably one of Callie's favorite games they play. The all pretend to be foxes running away form the farmer. On this particular day Callie was the last fox standing after a few rounds. Good job Callie girl!

With Coach Shawn, who she really likes, and the rest of her class.

New Camera...random pictures!

 Hadley is constantly pulling herself up to walk along the couch...her favorite thing is playing on the couch. She just laughs and is crazy when you put the girl up there.

 Beckett pouting about it not being his turn on Dad's I phone!

 We've been playing around with some of the new effects on the camera...oh and there is our little gamer (Callie) on the ipad...she loves all technology!

2 Tinkers

A while back some friends gave us a little Tinkerbell costume and the big girls are always wanting to dress up Hadley in is pretty cute :)

Hadley is trying to climb into the baby cradle..

Swim Lessons

We took swim lessons again this year in the winter, which is the best time. The classes are small and there is a lot less going on in the winter (after Christmas anyway!)The kids did really great this year...they were always excited to go and did their best.
Beckett took lessons this year but isn't old enough to do it by either Brandon or I went with him. He definitely preferred to have Daddy there! His class before the girls so they had to wait 15 mins until their class started but they entertained themselves.
Callie only had 2 in her class and really excelled....she is definitely a swimmer!

Taylor class was a little bigger but she did really well and she starting to swim. The picture below is kind of dark but it is Taylor jumping into the deep end!
Here is a video of Beckett going under the water.

One in a Million

One Sunday, Brandon and the three older kids were looking on the Friend magazine website and found a series of stories and pictures about children all over the world. At the end of each story it concluded by saying I'm One in a Million, referring to the worldwide size of the primary. Brandon came up with the idea of dong our own version with the kids for family home evening. So we took a series of pictures of the kids doing some of the things they like to do and interviewed them. I'm not going to post the videos because I always have a hard time getting them to work but they were really cute.
Beckett loves trains... and anything that has to do with sports!
And he loves his cars...

Taylor loves baseball and ballet.

Taylor is also great student who loves going to school and learning. She also reads her scriptures every night. And she loves playing on the treadmill, not really running :)

Callie loves going to soccer buddies and has really improved on her soccer skills. She also enjoys looking through and reading books.

She is kinda crazy and loves doing flips and cartwheels on our bed!
This past year she has been going to Nana's for preschool twice a week and has learned so much.
She also, loves to draw, paint, color...anything that is artistic.

Then here is our sweet Hadley, who is learning and changing so much. She is starting to climb into things and get into trouble (i.e. pulling off all the toilet paper from the roll). The other day she climbed all the way up the stairs! Yikes!

Here she is getting into Beckett's trains...LOVE it!