Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Proud Daddy

Brandon was one proud daddy when Beckett learned to put the ball into the hoop. At Christmas, Brandon was dissappointed because Beckett couldn't even hold the ball. But just the other day Brandon was timing him and he put in 10 balls in under 30 seconds. Go Beckett!

Please ignore Brandon't weird voice. Just hit the mute button!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jolly's Ranch Sledding & Beckett Crawling

For Brandon's day off on Monday, we went up to Hobble Creek Canyon and did the Jolly's Ranch groomed-hill sledding. It cost $4.00, but it was well worth it! At first we thought our plastic sleds were no match for everybody else's tubes, but we raced past them each time with their kids saying, "Dad, how come they aren't going as fast and far as we are?"
They even provide a nice covered patio and bring your marshmallow's and sticks!

Beckett even went down several times (not by himself though--maybe next month!).

This is Tina, Taylor and Callie going down the hill. I zoomed in the best I could, but in the end, it made staying on them pretty hard. Don't get sick.

Beckett started crawling at about 7-7 1/2 months. He is breaking many Goss records around here. We hope he slows down a little though because we are still trying to catch Callie!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Callie Doing the Head bob & the rest of the Christmas Pictures

I came upstairs and Callie was doing the head bob for at least a minute so I had to pull out our camera!

The Girls got ballerina outfits from Grandma and Grandpa Hunt.....they love wearing them all the time.
Riding the "Camel"
(Nice outfit huh?)

Taylor was the Star/Angel, Beckett was Baby Jesus, and Callie was a blur!

Good times hanging out with Grandma in the morning
Great-Grandma Liza sent this cute outfit for Beckett for Christmas...I love the little bow tie!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas in Colorado Springs

Brandon talented mother MADE this floating chess set/Chinese checkers/game set box for us for Christmas! We love it and it is so beautiful! She even got us Lamanite and Nephite chess pieces!
Taylor and Logan making funny faces

Beckett it practically crawling now....i'm sure they'll be a post of that soon too!

Not sure why Callie pulled this funny face!

Christmas in Utah

Since we didn't want to bring all of our Christmas presents out to Colorado this year, we decided to have a Christmas at home before we left. We even called up Santa and he said he would come early for Taylor and Callie...that was sure considerate of him, don't you think? On "Christmas Eve" we acted out the nativity scene, with Brandon as Joseph, Tina as the donkey/wisemen/Shepard, Taylor as Mary, Callie as the Angel, and Beckett as the baby Jesus. We had lots of fun on Christmas morning...Beckett loved playing with the wrapping paper! Brandon made me the frame in the picture below of the kids feet! I love it! A couple days before we left Callie found a bag of foam animal stickers and decorated herself!

Love this video of Taylor opening this present. She had asked for a big Barbie last year but we really didn't want to get it because they cost like 35bucks, they are huge to store, and we figured she would realise quickly that it's not that much fun. So we talked her out of it....we thought! Much to our surprise she asked for it again this year! A neighbor gave us the idea to look on craigs list/ksl for one and wouldn't you know it, there was a my size Barbie for 8 bucks for sale in Spanish Fork! I guess it was meant to be!