Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Callie Sleeping through Dinner

Nana's visit

Nana and Logan came for a short visit over the weekend. We all loved having them! Logan and Taylor played a little dress one point she was wearing a batman costume!

The kids had fun helping Brandon clean the fish bowl!

On Saturday morning we took the kids to Jumpin' Jacks. Of course, the kids loved it.

Cute pic of Nana's puppy, Cayenne.Since Brandon's mom wasn't able to make it to my baby shower a few weeks ago, because of bad weather, she brought me a cute "baby tree" that she was going to use as a decoration at the shower. It had socks, onsies, pacifiers, hats and lots of cute things! Thank you for all the cute baby boy clothes, we are getting so excited for our little guy's arrival.

I am getting so huge!

The Girls Bunk Beds

Brandon's very talented mother made these beautiful beds for our girls. The girls love them and so do we! Callie did great the first night in her big girl bed....and not so great the last few! We just hope we can get it all worked out before the baby comes!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fishing and Playing

Last Friday, Brandon took the day off work and spent some great time with the family. In the afternoon, when Callie was sleeping, he asked Taylor what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to go fishing. So they went up Provo canyon and did some fishing in a little lake along the river path. They had a great time and got some cute pictures...but no fish! Taylor rode her bike and Brandon Rollerbladed along the trail.

Taylor casting her own fishing pole.

On Tuesday we went to the park to enjoy the glorious weather we are having...I took like 10 pictures an these were the only ones that turned out. I need to seriously work on my photography skills!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Egg's Empty!

He Lives!
"Candy Hunt" at Springville High--kind of a joke to see all the parents frantically grabbing candy faster than their kids were--I mean really, why do you want so much candy in your house anyways?
Dying our eggs Saturday night--the sound of "crack" happening every 5 seconds!
(notice Callie's bright red hand--her hand was more in the dye than out of it)

Our Easter Egg Hunt was inside this year because Brandon flooded the backyard. He forgot to turn the sprinklers off during the rain storm.
As the girls were looking for the eggs (both hard-boiled and plastic), Taylor found one that was empty. She opened it and simply said, "This one is empty dad" with a very concerned look on her face. What a teaching moment. I replied, "How grateful we are that it was Taylor." We took the next several minutes to talk about to her & Callie about the true meaning of this Holiday. Taylor is so sensitive when it comes to learning about her Savior. She really gets empathetic towards His pain and seems to desire for Him to be ok every time. It is with great joy that we continually teach her that He is healed and overcame the effects of death through His beautiful resurrection. What joy! What great News! He lives!

Taylor & Callie modeling their new Easter dresses that their Nana cute!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Monkey Girls

The newest thing Callie loves to do is hang on to things and swing like a monkey. She can do it forever sometimes! Of course when we pulled out the camera to record it Taylor wanted to show us she could do it too!

I love this picture of Callie...she saw the camera and stopped what she was doing, laid on the ground in this cute pose and said "cheese!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Kickoff

Some of our awesome neighbors put together an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids on their street. They have a huge backyard that they filled with candy stuffed easter eggs. The yard was even divided into age groups so the little kids got a fair chance! The kids loved it and the weather was absolutley BEATIFUL!

Callie needed a little convincing that she wanted to collect the eggs...until she figured out there was candy inside them!