Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Zoo Adventure

Just a little background...last Wednesday Taylor had a "consultation" appointment at Primary Children's Hospital so they could fix her herniated belly button (poor girl). It was funny because we drove all the way up to Salt Lake, waited 30 minutes in the waiting room, just to have the doctor put his finger in her belly button and say, "Yep, it needs to be fixed. Come with me and we'll go the secretary to make you an appointment." 10-minutes later and we are gone. Glad we got our money's worth eh? Well, we wanted to make a day out of it so we went to the zoo! Just a quick funny story....a couple nights later Brandon dreamed Tina was swallowed by a huge python like this one...creepy!
Callie just loved this little meerkat...she just laughed and hit the window (right under where it says "Please don't tap the glass...."--but whose gonna stop an adorable 1-year old that is laughing histarically?!!).

This is why we don't put animals in cages...they go a little crazy thinking they can dig their way out...poor fella, but we sure enjoyed his confinement!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Brandon & Tina's New & BIG Frame!

Brandon got a phone call last Saturday from a guy that spoke very broken english. Once he figured out that this man wanted a frame, he decided to just go into his restaraunt to see the painting he was talking about. Well, when he got there the painting was 3 feet by 4 feet exactly...THAT IS A BIG PAINTING...THUS AN EVEN BIGGER FRAME!!

In all, the frame came out to be 3 1/2 feet by 4 1/2 feet and weighing close to 30 pounds. There were many complications, not by mistakes, but because of the obstacles the frame itself presented (ie, glueing, sanding, depth of wood to match painting, etc.). With all of Tina's help in sanding and staining, I feel it came out great and hope he enjoys it as much as we do!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Fourth of July

We had a wonderful 4th of july this year. We started off the day with the ward breakfast...which the time was wisely changed from the traditional 7 am to 8 am! We then hurried off to the parade in Provo. We arrived right at the beginning and sat with, our friend, andrea's fam. We had great shaded seats and Taylor really enjoyed it.

We then took the girls to get their faces painted, which Taylor loved...However, Callie gave a look as if the guy was out to hurt her!
After the girls naps, we went to Tucker Boyle's inlaws home on the hill next to the "Y" in Provo. The girls just loved playing on all the McDonald playground equipment, sitting on Ronald McDonald's lap, and riding the McDonald coin-run horse inside (his father-in-law owns the McDonalds in Springville and Provo). The fireworks at Staduim of Fire were just amazing from the hill! What a great 4th of July!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Callie's First Steps!

It was so excciting to see Callie take her first couple of steps! She gets so excited and makes this funny noise like "oooohhhhhh" as she walks. Taylor loves to help Callie as she encourages her with her waving arm...except once she purposely pushed her over just for fun! What sisters are for I guess! Anyways, we are ready for this little girl to walk even though we think she is going to be quite the handful...more than she already was.

Camping at Payson Lake

Last Friday we decided we needed a little "get away". We went camping up Payson canyon near the lake. We had a great time aside from the fact there were lots of loud campers close by.
Below is Taylor and Callie having a blast jumping and crawling around on the air mattress in the tent.

Taylor was very helpful to Brandon in helping him find firewood.
She even helped break it down into good sized pieces!

Between Callie and Taylor they probably ate 7-8 big marshmallows.....maybe that's why Callie woke up at 2:30 in the morning screaming! But other than that the girls did really good sleeping in the tent.....much to our surprise.

The next morning we went up to the lake to do some fishing. We caught two fish and about 20 sea monsters (sea weed)! Taylor helped reel in the fish below on her princess fishing poll she got for her birthday.