Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taylor...aka: Boo or Tay Tay

This is my pride and my joy, my little girl Taylor Marie. She will be turning two on June 17th and will be a wonderful big sister hopefully the following day. I sure hope she doesn't mind sharing her birthday!
Taylor continues to amaze us with her learning, language development, and crazy sense of humor. Just yesterday she put on some glasses, a name tag from when I worked at the Jail, and then began running around our coffee table hooting and yelling like an Indian on a mission.
We just found out how much she loves to go camping and boy did she throw a fit when we had to finally go bye bye.
Her favorite thing to do of course is snuggle up with mom and dad and just be cute!

Tina..i.e, Wonderwoman

This is my beautiful wife Tina Marie. As you can see, she is proving to me how much stronger she is than I by carrying probably a 7 lb baby inside while still being happy and full of life. Our little girl is expected to arrive June 18th, but we're hoping sooner.
Tina is an amazing mom and has been my best friend for over 4 years now (today is our 4-year anniversary)! She enjoys time with Taylor (our daughter), scrapbooking, camping, and going on walks. Her voice is one that will always leave a mark in your life because it will remind you of heavenly choirs. I love my dear wife!