Monday, September 29, 2008

Kid Tag

Taylor Marie Goss

Name and Meaning:
Taylor- "to cut"
Marie- "star of the sea" variant of Mary
Age: 3 yrs old!!!
Favorite activities: Swimming or anything to do with water, playing with the dogs, going to the park, pushing her baby in the stroller, going to nursery, hiking, watching Cinderella, "helping" Dad in the much more!
Favorite Foods: Pizza, broccoli (she loves it!), apples, pickles, mac and cheese, pancakes, french fries, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, Cheetos, popcorn, any dessert, soda, and strawberry milk.
Least Favorite Food: Anything I tell her to eat!
Favorite Music: Jesus wants me for sunbeam, Cinderella song "so this is love" and " a dream is a wish..." and "sing sweet nightingale" , I am a child of God, monkeys jumping on the bed, wheels on the bus.....I could go on and on
Favorite Toys: Her kitchen set with food and dishes, tricycle, baby stroller, and tea set.
Favorite Book: Anything with pictures! She really likes Max and Ruby, Curious George, and princess books
Favorite item of clothing: Cinderella PJ's
What makes her happy: When dad comes home from work, renting princess or barbie movies, getting a treat, hugs and kisses, wrestling with dad, reading books with mom or dad

What makes her sad: Time out or getting in trouble, having to leave friends houses, mom going to young womens

Callie Jean Goss

Name and Meaning:
Callie- beautiful or lovely (isn't she?!!!)
Jean-"the Lord is gracious"
Age: 15 1/2 months!!!
Favorite Activities: Playing outside, going down any slide she can find, eating messy foods, playing at the pool, taking baths, jumping from the table to the couch, turning lights on and off, rearranging my pantry, stealing Taylor's shoes and running away with them!
Favorite Foods: Cereal, most fruit, cheese, pizza, pancakes, chicken nuggets, french fries, water and juice.
Least Favorite Foods: Green beans and Pears!
Favorite Music: Anything you can dance to!
Favorite Toys: Anything she can find! Loves my sonicare toothbrush, and her bunny she sleeps with.
Favorite Book: Peek-a Boo Zoo
Favorite Item of Clothing:Shoes....she knows when we put shoes on we get to go outside!
What Makes Her Happy: Playing at park, seeing the dogs, dad coming home from work, getting lots of attention!
What Makes Her sad: Getting bullied by her sister, having toys taken away, or having to go inside.

I tag: Anyone who reads this.....hehehe!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Tie-Dyed Family Home Evening

On Monday, we did a FHE lesson on loving all people even if they are different then us. We couldn't think of a better (messier too!) activity than making tie-dyed clothes (nothing ever turns out the same). We had a great time making them but both Brandon and I ended up with stained hands...I guess you really should use gloves!

Taylor dress is on far left, then Callie's onesie, and then Tina and Brandon's t-shirts. We'll have to see if you will ever see us in public wearing them!

Callie wasn't really into the tie-dying, but she really loved the swiss cake rolls we had for dessert!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Summer Vacation 2008

Once again I have been slacking with keeping up the blog so to make it easier, I just made a slide show of the pictures from our vaction to Colorado. You can just click on the view all images button to watch if it hasn't loaded onto the blog yet. Hope you enjoy it!