Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Sunday Walk

My beautiful wife Tina and our little Callie Jean at the bridge up Hobble Creek Canyon.I think I'm getting a little plump...hmmm.

Callie is such a smiley baby. She really loves the great outdoors and that makes me happy.
Taylor and daddy throwing rocks. I am starting to think that Taylor has a better arm than me, oh well, maybe it will get her a scholarship! Experiment time...let's see what Callie does when I put her in the river water. Am I a bad daddy?
What a fun picture. Run Tay Run!
Here are the cute butt's of the Goss family!

Ward campout anyone? Sign us up! We went to Rotary Park with the Kolob 3rd Ward in hopes to have a nice out in the woods. It started off great as you can see...anytime a baby is asleep, we are happy! Here is a funny story. Taylor was trying to play with the girls a year older than her. They could easily flip over this cord and laugh about it. Finally, Taylor got the guts to do it and when she did, she just sat there for about a minute and then finally started balling saying "head, hurt!"

Our favorite part of camping is always roasting marshmallows (spelling, I know). I think Taylor had at least 10 marshmallows, I could only eat one as usual. At this point, Tina and Callie left for home and it was time for "daddy-daughter" time. We had so much fun hiking around and playing around the fire. Eventually, she fell asleep in my arms by the fire, but the second we tried to lay down she woke up and asked for mommy. I convinced her to stay in the tent by playing under the blankets. She was happy again and we attempted again to go to sleep. However, when she woke up at 1:30am screaming and rubbing her leg, I knew I wasn't going to get her back to sleep, so yes, we packed up and went home. We still had a w0nderful time together!

Bye Bye Malibu! This is my girls happy and content, though most families would be frustrated and ticked off at a vehicle that wouldn't start. We were stuck in Echo Canyon at a nice rest stop. I love knowing that what might have caused some families contention and arguments only allowed us to have good family time climbing a little mountain on the side.

Notice the flat tire? Yeah, that happened just about 40 miles before the break down. Fun stuff eh?

Sailing with Grandpa

Say Cheese! Taylor is very excited about going sailing with Grandpa.

Taylor was nothing but giggles and laughs as we went out on the water...however, as soon as we got to the halfway point of the lake, the fun stopped! "Down, down!" was all I heard from Taylor. I told her getting "down" meant getting out of the boat and floating alone, but she didn't seem to understand. The problem is that we are on a "s-a-i-l-b-o-a-t," meaning we need wind to get back to the dock. NO WIND. We just listened to Taylor throw one of her famous temper-tantrums. Finally, the Lord blessed us with wind and we got her safely into her mothers arms and we were allowed to finish our evening on the water.

Fun at Nana & Popa's

Here is Taylor with one of Nana's bunnies (Spice--I think). Taylor loved waking up each morning and going up to the "gold-mine" so she could feed the bunnies carrots and lettuce. Here is Taylor, Logan, and Tina on a camel at the El Paso County Fair. In the 27 years of my life, I have never ridden a camel..but in just 2 years, Taylor has!
Chooo Chooo! This is Abi, Taylor and Logan running Popa's trains.