Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday Party Extravaganza and House Hunting Trip

We went to Colorado last week in hopes of finding as home...after looking at over 30 homes we found "the one" and put a contract on it. It is in a great neighborhood with lots of trees, kids and not a lot of traffic. We are excited to move in but the same time very sad to leave....we are closing on this house July 7th. As a side note our home in Spanish Fork is still for sale so pass the word along if you know anyone looking for an awesome home in an incredible neighborhood!
Since we don't live by family (only for a few more weeks!) we usually wait to have a big birthday party for everyone whose birthday is in May and June, while we are visiting in Colorado. This year we celebrated Brandon, Taylor, Callie, Beckett, and Abbie's birthday together. Callie got a Slip N Slide for her birthday and Abbie got a trampoline so that provided us with plenty of entertainment!

All the kids loved attacking Uncle Matt on the trampoline! Doesn't he look like he is having fun!

It looked like Christmas morning with all these presents for all the kids!

Montpelier, Idaho and Bear Lake

Brandon decided this year he wanted to do EFY and he was assigned to do one in Montpelier, Idaho. He really wanted to make this a family vacation so we all tagged along. Honestly there isn't a whole lot to the town of 2,500. The Oregon/California trail museum is there so one of the days while Brandon was teaching I took the kids to it. They had a fun interactive tour the took you on a trip as if you were a pioneer....I would have taken pictures but it was all I could do to keep a handle of the kids :) One of the days we went a got raspberry shakes (A bear lake must!) and played at the park.

We also toured the beautiful Paris tabernacle....Paris, Idaho that is!

The kids were really awesome about staying in a motel for two night and three days....they really liked snaking in bed while watching the Disney channel!

We went to Bear Lake two different times and a had a great time even though the weather was a little cold for beach activities. We had fun making a sand castle.

Callie was loving running around in the shallow water chasing the football the Beckett was throwing.

As you can see Beckett really loved getting dirty in the sand!

Block Party

So every summer our wonderful neighbors, the Oylers, put together a concert/block party. It was lots of fun even though the weather was a bit sketchy. Beckett giggled with delight every time he got to shoot a basket with Dad. Since it looked like it was going to rain, they put the instruments in their garage and we put the potluck food in our garage (We live across the street from each other) The band below includes Lori on bass, Kevin on keyboard, Lori's Dad on electric guitar, Kiera (8yrs old)on the Violin, Kaylee (9yrs old) on the drums and Scott on the acoustic, Callie and Taylor both got turns playing the tambourine.

Here is Scott playing the bagpipes....guess you have to look the part to pull it off!