Wednesday, August 15, 2012

La Veda Train ride

We spent a few days in La Veda again this summer with Brandon's family. One of the days we took a train ride to Fir from La Veda and back. It was pretty awesome. On the way there we were pulled by a steam engine. On the way back we were pulled by a diesel.

We even saw a bear along the tracks....apparently a train with barley derailed a few years back  and to clean it up they just buried it in the ground. Now bears like to hang out there and dig up the old fermented barley...

For some reason this picture will not rotate....

On the train ride home we rode in the dome car had some yummy hot chocolate,

Waldo Canyon Fire....

 Here is what the sky looked like at about 4pm the day the fire jumped the canyon. With all the smoke and ash is almost felt like nighttime. It was crazy!

Baseball for Taylor

 Taylor had a great time playing baseball with her cousin Abbie this year. Brandon coached Taylor's team as well, which made our Saturdays pretty busy.

T-Ball for Beckett

This year Beckett was just old enough to play T-ball through the YMCA, so we excitedly signed him up. Brandon was the coach and he did a great job with all those 3-4 year olds! It was pretty exhausting making sure the kids were running the right direction and fielding the ball. Unfortunately Beckett had a hard time at most of the games...mostly because his dad was the coach and he always wanted to be the one to get the ball or hit the ball. By the end of the season I was glad for it to be over but I'm sure we'll do it again next year...thankfully Beckett will be a year older too :)