Friday, April 30, 2010


No....we're not having another baby....We are moving to Colorado Springs! Crazy huh...we just moved into our "dream house" last June. But as many of you know our true dream has been to move back to Colorado to be close to family. We are so excited! Although it is going to be very difficult leave behind so many dear friends :(

We are going to be putting the house up for sale as soon as possible and we need it to sell or else they won't move us to Colorado. So if you know anyone looking for an awesome house, send them our way! We need all the help we can get!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little Wild Horse and Goblin Valley

We decided a few months ago that we wanted to do something fun for spring break this year....since a cruise to the Bahamas was out we decided on camping in Utah. Since camping has gotten more difficult in recent years (3 kids!) Brandon has been looking to buy a tent trailer. On Wednesday we found a great deal on one which we bought from our veterinarian in Springville! After getting it ready and registered we set out on a 3 hour drive on Thursday. We camped just outside of the Goblin Valley State Park (saving us 14 bucks a night!)

The pictures are in reverse order so the one below is us in front of goblin valley which went and explored on Saturday. The kids had so much fun climbing up the formations and finding caves or hiding places. Taylor and Callie took turns playing follow the was pretty cute! What does this formation look like to you?
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In one of the caves we found in goblin valley.

On Friday we hiked little Wild Horse which was a blast! This was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Most of the hike we were in a slot canyon where there is beautiful rock spanning up to the sky on either side of you.

The girls walked most of the time, often stopping to climb cool rock formations or look in little caves. The one thing that the girls didn't like too much was the water on the trail in some places. We offered the carry them through all those spots but they wanted to try it themselves....I don't think they expected the water to be quite so cold!

This us at the end of our 3 hour hiking adventure...everyone looks a little tired!

This was our BEAUTIFUL camping spot! Taylor was our little explorer. She was constantly wanting to hike around and see what we could find.

Callie had a blast digging in the sand every free moment she had!

Beckett loved crawling around in the sand and climbing in and out of the trailer (bringing in plenty of sand in the process!)

Here is the trailer we bought....we LOVED having it! It made this trip 10 times easier (not to mention comfortable!)

We had so much fun on this trip....but I was totally stoked to go home and get cleaned up! I don't think our family has ever been quite that dirty before :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This picture is a little out of order but I wanted to include it...Beckett literally played in here for an entire HOUR!

The kids got fun little presents from Nana and Grandma in their baskets.

We had to do the eater egg hunt inside since we woke up and there was 6 inches of snow outside :( But the girls had a blast!

On Saturday we took the girls to the Spanish Fork City Easter egg hunt. They had lots of fun and we ended up winning 4 stuffed animals and free crazy bread. Not too shabby! They divided the kids into different age groups so Callie and Taylor were on different fields. Thus we only have pictures of Callie on the camera....I took some of Taylor with my phone but I'm struggling to get them onto the computer....maybe I'll get those posted later.