Sunday, November 15, 2009

Care Bears Stare!

This Halloween was one like no other! Taylor decided for the family that we should be care bears and so Brandon asked his mom if she could make the kids some care bear outfits (every year she makes their costumes--amazing huh?) and she said she would. Well, when she came out for a visit, out came not 3 outfits, but 5! So here is a nice photo shoot of our family looking good. Care Bears Stare!

Our Care Bear Family--Thanks Nana!

Beckett was Bed-Time Bear (in hopes that his name would help him establish better patterns at night!--didn't work)

Taylor was Wish Bear

Callie was Funshine Bear (she wore her hat all night, but took it off for pictures darn it)

Tina was Love-a-Lot

Brandon was Lucky (sorry for the PG-13 pose!)

Taylor, Callie and Brandon trick-or-treated the entire neighborhood. They did so good. Taylor took great care of Callie--she would wait for her to get to the doors, help her hold up her bucket and remind her to say "thank you"--what great sisters!)

Callie and Taylor with their friend Kelsee

When we walked Main Street in Spanish Fork, we painted hearts on the kids noses--as you can tell, Beckett loved his.