Thursday, December 15, 2011


We went with Nana's daycare to see Santa at the mall this usual Callie wouldn't go within 10 feet of Santa! Beckett went right went over and told Santa he wanted trains. Hadley wasn't too happy about sitting on Old Saint Nick's lap the group shot with Santa she was screaming her head off! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that.    

Cathy holding baby Trystan in his cute Santa outfit. Afterwards the kids got to play in the mall play area...great fun!

Some Hadley Pics...

 We have been slacking on taking pictures of our sweet Hadley so we just  took a few...and yes those are cheetos my 8 month old is eating....don't judge ;) Whenever we are away from her for a while she always puts her hand up to say hello along with her adorable smile.  It's not quite a wave but is is dang cute! We sure love this baby girl!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nutcracker 2011

A few months ago Callie decided ballet was not her thing so only Taylor was in the Nutcracker this year. She was a Soldier Mouse and part of the "Chinese " scene. She did great and had a wonderful time. We were all very proud of her.


Here is the Video of Chinese....Taylor is on the far right with the red hat.

Some fun...

 We had a picnic at Garden of the Gods to celebrate Papa's was a beautiful day.
 One Saturday we popped into the Library to return some overdue books and found that they were having a holiday craft show....the kids got their face painted by a woman who was extremely talented at what she did. The kids loved it :) If you can't tell...the girls are winter fairies and Beckett is Rodolph.

Another tooth down....