Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Old Colorado City Ice Sculpting Festival

We went to Old Colorado City with Nana and Papa to check out the ice sculpting festival....we came at the beginning of a weekend of events so there weren't too many sculptures done yet but we got to see one made while we ate ice cream cones.... Taylor was the only grandchild that would go near the armadillo!
Eating our lunch, while waiting for the sculpting to begin.

An ice piggy bank....

All the kids had a great time sliding around on this huge ice checkerboard.

I'm not sure what these bulls had to do with ice sculpting but Taylor got on for a quick picture with one of them!

Snow Day Tea Party

Taylor's school had a snow day so she decided we needed to have a tea party. In fact we had two tea parties that day.... one with sandwiches shaped like stars and juice to drink and he other one with milk and cookies. It was pretty fun....even if Beckett dressed up like Snow White!

Everybody doing the big cheese.....

Beckett absolutely loved drinking the juice from the little tea cups....I must have filled up his cup at least 10 times!

Earlier that day shoveling snow...I honestly think we have only done this 2x's this whole winter!

Enjoying some nice weather outside a few days later......

Random Fun

I had a bunch of random pictures...so I thought I'd post them together. Above is a picture of everyone wearing a rubbery caterpillar toy that was broken into sections on their feet.....strange, I know, but it was hours of fun that night!
Taylor and Beckett love to take pictures....Beckett is always saying "cheese"

Um...I guess this is what happens when you have 2 older sisters.....

On my Birthday....Brandon and kids surprised me by waking up early to go and buy Panera bagels (my fave!) So we ate them in bed. Then I got to open my birthday presents....it was a great way to start my birthday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Garden of the God's with the Hunt's

A couple days after Christmas, my brother and his wonderful family came down to visit for a day trip. Since we have been having so much warm weather (I am so ready for a real snow storm!) we decided to go explore Garden of the Gods and have a picnic. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.

Christmas at Nana & Papa's

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Morning

It was awesome waking up in our own home on Christmas morning....we've been looking forward to that for years! As I said in a previous post, the kids were sick so they ended up sleeping in on Christmas morning. Brandon and I got up at 7 am...the time the kids usually wake up. By 8 we were tired of waiting so we went and woke the kids up :)

Here is Beckett handing out presents.....but watch out, instead of handing it to you nicely, he would huck it at your face! This is a good shot of his eye, it was pretty swollen that morning.

Taylor made this wreath and card for me at school. The kids also made me an apron with a big picture of the kids on it that Taylor helped iron on.

Beckett got lots of toys, since we really didn't have many boy things in the house. He got dinosaurs, cars and tools....all of which the girls have loved playing with as well.
Callie LOVED all of her presents...she got melty beads, sparkly shoes, pjs, play dough cake making set, puzzles and a few other little things that she loved.
Taylor saw these hats at a craft show she went with me to and she really wanted one, so I secretly bought one for her and Callie that day....she was thrilled to get it. She also got a kids sewing machine, snow boots, winter jacket, pj's and some other fun crafty things (she loves to make stuff!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Eve with the Hunts

We went up on the 23rd to stay the night at my parents house so we could enjoy Christmas Eve with them. However, all 3 of our kids ended up with a horrible cough that kept us up most the night so we were all kind of dragging on Christmas Eve but we still had a great time.

The pictures are in reverse order...but you get the idea!

Acting out the Nativity is our Christmas Eve tradition. This year Taylor played Mary, Callie was a sheppard/wiseman, and Beckett was a very sad Joseph (you'll see why later)

Baby Jesus was played by the newest member of the family, Elynn....she is so cute!

Riding on Grandpa's back, while he wears his official camel sweater!
Aunt Torie getting Beckett dressed up as Joseph.

Callie giving her signature crazy smile!

Taylor was begging to be Mary this year.....

We don't usually let Beckett have his pacifier outside of his bed but....

LOOK what he did to his eye! As I said before he was very tired so we laid him down for a second nap on my Mom's bed....he was quiet for about 20 mins but then we heard him crying and coming down the stairs. His eye was covered in blood. I think he was rolling around in bed when he slammed his head down on the headboard or something. Regardless...we felt pretty bad for Beckett so we let him keep the paci for the night.